New Years Resolution Action Idea

A collection of written notes of positive things that have happened all year

A collection of written notes of positive things that have happened all year

A New Year always brings a time of reflection and new beginnings.  I feel energized to clean my mental house and get myself on a new track.  Isn’t that why we make New Years Resolutions?  I resolve to:_________.

What type of New Years Resolutions do I make?:  I like my New Years Resolutions to be positive action steps that will enhance my life.   I like to do something positive rather than stop doing something negative.  Sometimes I create goals that become part of my New Years Goal list.  I might have a wish to exhibit a specific behavior like “be more positive” or ‘be more grateful” or “do something kind for a member of my family every day”.  Sometimes I try to create an action step that will help me accomplish this behavior.

A New Years Resolution Idea with an Action Step:  Here’s an idea that will go on my list of potential New Years Resolutions.  (It’s only November, so I ‘m not making my official list yet, only collecting ideas).  Maybe this year I might want to express more gratitude for small everyday things.  Here’s a good idea that might help me accomplish this goal:  I can write a little note with something positive that has happened to me and keep the notes collected in a jar all year long.  When New Years Eve comes around, I can open the jar and read all the good things that have happened.  What a nice way to express gratitude and focus on the positive!  Maybe I’ll have a Family Note Jar, we’ll see.

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Staci Gregor is the inventor of SharkCut the Shrink-Wrap Attacker. Staci has been in sales for many years, earning several national and career sales awards. Staci is thrilled to realize a dream of inventing, manufacturing and marketing her own product. Staci lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her very charming and handsome husband and her 2 glorious teenage children.
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