I figured out I have an Authoritative Parenting Style

imagesI’m an Authoritative Parent:  I didn’t realize there were different types of parenting styles.  I pretty much copied my Mother with a few adjustments.  Looking back, my mother was a really good parent.  She was consistent, stable and approachable.  I respected her.  Well, I’m an authoritative parent as was my Mother, I believe.  Mom, I’ll ask your thoughts on this.

What is an Authoritative Parenting Style?  This style of parenting is sometimes referred to as “democratic” and involves a child-centric approach in which parents hold high expectations for their children.  We:  Listen to our children, Encourage Independence, Place limits, consequences and expectations on our children’s behavior, Express warmth and nurturance, Encourage children to discuss options, Administer fair and consistent discipline.

I can hear my own words to my kids just typing this list.  My son is 18.  I said these words a few weeks ago.  “Now, you know there has to be a consequence for what you did, don’t you?”  Even though he’s away at school, he still lives in our house during the summer and holidays and we pay for his school.  So when he’s home, there are certain expectations that need to be upheld.  He’s a great kid and I miss his company so much.  He’s an adult, yes, but he still lives under our care.  He’s not independent yet.

I’m very happy to make this realization.  I feel like I have a good balance.  Balance can be felt.  Being patient and deliberate with my actions have certainly helped.  I am very much like my mother in that I don’t exhibit impulsive behavior.  I think about how I should behave, then I behave that way.  Think first, act second.

You have Choices:  If you have young children and you have the self-awareness to be deliberate about the kind of parent you’d like to be, then I’d suggest doing a little research on the Authoritative Parent.  Not everyone feels the same about how to parent their kids.  If the Authoritative Style isn’t right for you, then you can go searching for the style that feels right for you.  Just go look.  And Copy.  Look and Copy.  Isn’t that how we all learn?


About Staci Gregor

Staci Gregor is the inventor of SharkCut the Shrink-Wrap Attacker. Staci has been in sales for many years, earning several national and career sales awards. Staci is thrilled to realize a dream of inventing, manufacturing and marketing her own product. Staci lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her very charming and handsome husband and her 2 glorious teenage children.
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