Keeping My Family Close by Going on a Group Vacation


My Family at the Nighttime Dancing on the Beach Party

A Giant Family Trip:  This week we went to Hilton Head Island for a family vacation.  We joined our best friends and former college roommates and their 30-person extended family for a super fun week.  Everyone stayed in the same high rise condo complex on the beach.  What makes this trip so special is how much fun and interaction the entire clan had together. Everyone….from the 3 year olds to the high school kids, the college kids and recent grads, all the way up to the grandparents enjoyed each other’s company the entire time.  We laughed together, ate together, played games together, watched each other’s kids, drank wine together and had a super fun dance party on the beach at night together as a group.

A Nice Surprise:  Sometimes we think we want to be “just the four of us” on a vacation.  We think we need to be alone to enjoy the most out of our family, and we have had some awesome times vacationing as a family.  The nice surprise about this trip was that we actually enjoyed and interacted with each other so much, maybe even more, than if it were “just us”.  Maybe because our kids are teenagers and they’re bored and annoyed with us a bit lately (like any normal family).  Having all of those great kids and young adults and funny fun parents with us opened up the fun for us to enjoy each other even more.  My kids enjoyed not having all of our focus on them.  We all got to interact together.  It was great.  

Who You Hang With:  Who you hang with is so important.  Hang with fun funny people, and you laugh and have a lot of fun.  Hang with boring people and you’re bored.  Hang with a bunch of angry complainers and the whole time is a drag. We tend to become like the people we choose to hang with.  Choose wisely.  Close, fun families help your family stay close and be fun.  That’s just the way it works. My thanks to all of my friends this past week for enriching my life so much.  I can’t wait to see you all again soon…..Now go buy a SharkCut from my website.



About Staci Gregor

Staci Gregor is the inventor of SharkCut the Shrink-Wrap Attacker. Staci has been in sales for many years, earning several national and career sales awards. Staci is thrilled to realize a dream of inventing, manufacturing and marketing her own product. Staci lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her very charming and handsome husband and her 2 glorious teenage children.
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