How to Fall Asleep

She's looking at the inside of her eyelids.

She’s looking at the inside of her eyelids.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind starts thinking about stuff.  It just goes and goes and goes, re-living conversations, making lists, going round and round about a decision I need to make.  Before I know it, I’ve been awake for 2 hours.  Does this happen to you?  Maybe you’re the type who can’t fall asleep in the beginning of the night, but can stay asleep once you do.  There are many resources and tips on how to fall asleep, but most of them prepare you to fall asleep instead of teach you a process of how to fall asleep.

Well I’ve figured out a great little go-to-sleep method.  I’ll tell you what it is, then I’ll explain how it works.  Here it is:  Look at the inside of your eyelids.  Yes……concentrate on looking at the inside of your closed eyelids.

It sounds crazy, but it works.  This is why.  When we close our eyes to go to sleep, the natural thing for our eyes to do is roll way up into our head.  Then our mind takes over going into thinking mode…….for hours sometimes.

Instead, close your eyes and put your mind’s attention on looking at the inside of your eyelids.  Keep your eyes in place looking forward and not rolling up into your eye sockets.  Focusing on looking at the inside of your eyelids gives your mind something to do, so it won’t get busy thinking about stuff.  Just try to keep them focused in the dark, with your eyes closed.  It’s hard.  It takes effort.  Try to keep this focus for 30 seconds, then try to extend it to a minute.  I’m usually sleeping when a minute rolls around..  A minute is actually a long time to keep this focus.  If you notice that thoughts come into your mind, which they probably will at first, catch yourself, roll your eyes down to look forward and start over.  Stick with it.  I’ve been doing this for a few years.  It works!

I’d love to hear your feedback about my great little sleeping method.  Does this idea make sense to you?  Did you try it, and did it work?  Are you having trouble making it work?  Let me know.

Happy Sleeping!


About Staci Gregor

Staci Gregor is the inventor of SharkCut the Shrink-Wrap Attacker. Staci has been in sales for many years, earning several national and career sales awards. Staci is thrilled to realize a dream of inventing, manufacturing and marketing her own product. Staci lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her very charming and handsome husband and her 2 glorious teenage children.
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