Inspiration’s Everywhere, you just have to notice it.

My Inspiration Helper

My Inspiration Helper

A Brilliant Mind is a Relaxed Mind  Do you notice, during certain times of the day, or while doing certain activities, that you find yourself coming up with new ideas?  I mean any idea; a new way to approach an important conversation, some activity that you’d enjoy doing, or maybe a new way to motivate your children to be their best in a certain situation.  Do you find yourself daydreaming, and new inspiration creeps through?  Try to notice what’s going on when these “daydreams” happen.  Are you driving in the car for a long period of time?  Are you going through the quiet routine motions of getting ready in the morning?  Do you run, or walk and listen to music?  For me, anytime my mind is quiet and not trying hard to think of something, that’s when tidbits of inspiration creep through.  I suddenly have a new idea that makes me feel great and excited on the inside.  That’s when I know I’ve stumbled over my Inspiration.

When My Inspiration Comes to Life   Music is key for me.  I’m not a huge runner, but I do try to get out once or twice a week for a short run, or a walk.  I love music, and when I’m immersed in music that I enjoy, my mind becomes quiet, and the ideas start flowing.  I often need to spend a few minutes writing everything down afterwards, so I don’t forget it all.  FatBoy Slim’s Greatest Hits is one of my favorite running tracks.  It seems to have melodies and beats that are invigorating for me.

What’s Your Role.  Inspiration Doesn’t Work Alone   Increasing the frequency of new ideas coming through is mostly about creating awareness. Notice it when it happens, and give it the few seconds of attention that it deserves.  It’s like learning a new word, and suddenly you’re hearing it all over the place.  Same thing.  You’ll soon be daydreaming up new ideas more than you ever have.  Not really, but you’ll just notice them more.  Have fun.  Let us know, when do you see inspiration coming through?  Share with us the types of things that you do, or where you are when the best ideas show up.


About Staci Gregor

Staci Gregor is the inventor of SharkCut the Shrink-Wrap Attacker. Staci has been in sales for many years, earning several national and career sales awards. Staci is thrilled to realize a dream of inventing, manufacturing and marketing her own product. Staci lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her very charming and handsome husband and her 2 glorious teenage children.
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2 Responses to Inspiration’s Everywhere, you just have to notice it.

  1. Ani Danelz says:

    I must have music while I’m running, it just keeps me moving! You can check out my playlist here:


  2. Staci Gregor says:

    Hi Ani. I’ll definitely check out your playlist…my running music needs a spruce up! Good music totally clears my mind. Thanks!


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